Our Business: Ore Business

With over 22 years of active participation in the mining industry and exportation of mineral ores, at Stone Hi Caliber Sale Company we have been fortunate to cooperate with many clients worldwide, particularly with world reputable industry leaders in People's Republic of China. Stone Hi Caliber Sale Company is proud to have been the sole pioneer in marketing and exports of specialty minerals such as Strontium Sulfate (Celestite) ore from Iran to international markets.


In addition to supplying high quality mineral ores at competitive prices from our currently held and controlled +15 mineral sources, our primary focus has always been to satisfy our clients' requirements to the fullest by procuring the best services, products and most critically superb quality mineral ores, ensuring long post-sales value proposition for the end user.


With unrivalled technical expertise in the region, Stone Hi Caliber Sale Company is one of the few active agents in the industry that constantly and rigorously invests in high-precision technical analysis and emphasises on scientific methodology. This strategy has time and time again proven to be conducive to further operational efficiency and production efficacy at increasing rates.


In virtue of expanding the portfolio of our resources, Stone Hi Caliber Sale Company is constantly in pursuit of growth via the acquisition of new economically justifiable and profitable resources as well as mineral exploitation opportunities.

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