Our Company


At Stone Hi Caliber Sale Company, our modus operandi pivots on honesty and mutual trust. We are extremely proud and protective of this corporate tradition that has been groomed in our organization ever since its conception. Mining is hard work and we firmly believe hard honest work almost always lead to fairness in this business. Chief amongst our corporate code of conduct and philosophy is the vital belief that our credibility and professional integrity are our ultimate assets. This principle necessitates that we keep our promises and abide to our words at all times.


Our ultimate aim is to benefit fairly in businesses we engage in and let our business partners across the world to reap even greater benefits in doing business with us.


Mutual prosperity is the goal here. Over the years of active participation in the industry we have recurrently realized that successful business is often followed from the perspective in which the human aspect of business precedes all other aspects and not the other way around. Because of this are are constantly striving to develop the human and interpersonal dimensions in our trade.


We believe happy and satisfied customers will fundamentally keep us on track in moving forward towards mutual ultimate success.


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